Aptence is brought to you by Learnix Edutech Pvt. Ltd., a fast emerging education and technology enterprise, founded by IIT graduates. It is a long term supplemental program for school students. Aptence uses adaptive technology to offer differentiated activities to students at all levels. Aptence helps students to learn independently and proactively, and allows a child to advance steadily at a pace comfortable to him or her so that he or she can achieve his or her full potential. It gives student the better confidence, decision making and problem solving skills. Improved Logic, Math and Vocabulary is a crucial pathway for students to achieve better grades, higher test scores and improved understanding. Our Research & Development team produces world class quality content. It also keeps on updating to make learning effective and engaging.


Better Career

Get ready for future competitions

Cognitive Development

Unlock your hidden Potential

Academic Enhancement

Better grades in school

Build Confidence

Believe in yourself